5 Easy Things

This is Assanova’s advice, paraphrased, but since the Great Man himself isn’t with us anymore (aside from rare posts on Sleazy’s Forum), its worth restating if only for my own benefit.

Not so long ago, I put on a few extra pounds. My timetable and motivation didn’t allow for much in the way of, well anything major. So I took a quick reality check, and made 5 easy changes:

• I stopped eating a massive bar of Cadburys every evening
• Cut down on fizzy drink consumption
• Restricted pizzas (my personal food of choice) to Friday only
• Swapped sugar in tea and coffee for Agave Nectar
• Stopped all takeaways

Now, lets be honest – none of this is revolutionary, I won’t be winning any self-discipline awards, and really all of these should be considered essential if you’re serious about losing weight. But the overall willpower cost of these actions is low, and the cumulative effect is a steady shedding of my belly. Win-win.

Bottom-line, you can shift yourself along the attractiveness spectrum and improve your body and self-image by simply making a few easy changes. Don’t fret about dumbbell-flys if you really don’t want to go to the gym.